The Bullshark Methods.

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Whether you are entirely new to the markets, have been tinkering around, have had some struggles or are just interested in learning more about how markets function the Bullshark Methods can help you to reach your goals. Trading the Futures Markets v. Stocks may have many advantages one of them being the cost of capital to begin trading. Unlike stock trading you won’t need the $25,000 in your futures trading account to bypass the Pattern Day Trading rule. Using our methods, you can begin Trading with $5,000. Another benefit is the ability to trade the Futures Markets 24 hours a day which can be a plus for those trading part-time.

The program was beta tested with other traders to see what worked and what we could improve on. Our focus when developing the course was to learn how traders learned best. In fact, in just the first year the Bullshark Course was nominated from as one of the top trading programs and finished within the top 10 out of 50+ companies, many of whom have been around for 10+ years.

One method, 3 markets.

  Unlike any other trading program in the world today, the Bullshark Program teaches our traders three of the most popular futures markets in the world. Since the methodology is price action based you will learn to trade the S&P 500, Russell 2000 & WTI Crude oil markets, all with one training program. We teach our traders to ‘fish for yourself’ so that you learn to rely on your own skills you develop and no longer need the trade rooms, indicators or other software that becomes highly expensive. Simply put, this course is designed to provide everything you need to learn to become an independent futures trader.

One of the largest misconceptions about becoming a futures trader is that you need a college degree in Finance or experience working at a hedge fund to get started. That could not be further from the truth. Our curriculum is easy to understand and is divided into three tiers of learning;

1.) 62 page hard copy learning manual

2.) 4 hour online video course

3.) Live trading room access

Overview of The Curriculum.

Admin Video Section

(The Bullshark Video Course & Library – All produced in HD 1080p)

The very first part of the curriculum focuses on market mechanics. Before learning the actual trading strategies, we need to be conscious of market basics. An understanding of the tick values, margin requirements and when opportune trading hours occur are essential in learning to trade as a Professional. During the beginning part of your program we assist our traders with installing and preparing their trading platforms and charts so that your charts and settings are identical to ours. As a Landshark member you will also have access to coaching and personal assistance with opening your brokerage account and learning the trading platform with our partner, Infinity Futures.


Manual Gloss

(Frosted front and back, spiral bound)

Learning the methodology.

After you learn the basics you then move on to the next part of your journey; Learning the methodology . Our system-based approach to the markets is highly regimented so that you look for only a few key trading set-ups while eliminating the subjectivity of trading.

The great thing about our trading methodology is that it is price action based meaning it does not rely on trading software or indicators to use. When you are going through the core of the program you will start to learn the building blocks of analyzing a chart and putting together the trade based around what we call ‘PTA’ zones (Potential Trade Areas). Learning what to look for in a potential trade set up is key but understanding how to manage your risk is essential as well so your personal trading plan is created to match your own trading goals and risk tolerance.

As a member, you will have your own trading plan which we provide for you. Typically, our new traders begin on a 1-3 contract trading plan on the ES or Russell 2000 while using just one of the trading set ups. As you progress in your live trading and become consistent is when you will increase your contract size, begin trading Crude oil and then adding the additional trading set ups to your trade plan.

Manual Example

(Actual photo of the trading manual.)

Trader development.

We get it, everyone wants to make money, starting yesterday. One of the questions everyone wants to know is ‘how long until I can trade live money?’ – The program is designed to be a 90 day program to live trading. The great thing is that the curriculum is structured in a manner to guide you from level to level beginning with trading on the simulator. On average our traders spend anywhere from 4-10 weeks on the training simulator before trading live. The key is to treat the development process with focus and discipline as if you were trading with live money so you learn the correct trading habits.

During the 90 day training you will attend the live market trade room on Wednesdays with our head trader & founder so that you can watch how the strategies apply in real time. You will also receive trade reviews on a weekly basis and access to the large video archive of past trade reviews & live market trades so you can study current market environments. 

Skin in the game.

The Founders of Landshark have a combined 25+ years experience in the markets trading on professional proprietary trading desks, Hedge Funds and working on the institutional finance side of the industry. As we came into this part of the industry we realized many of the educational firms instructors did not trade, had no professional trading experience or did not employ the methods they taught. We trade everything we teach on a daily basis & make ourselves available to our traders after-market hours and during the weekends for questions.



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